Virtual Self is a musical project started by the young internationally recognized EDM producer Porter Robinson as the next step in Robinsons’ creative journey. No longer releasing music under his own name, Virtual Self is the new virtual/conceptual pseudonym for all of Porter Robinsons’ future work and he uses the vague mysterious nature of the concept to release an eclectic range of music. His newest song Ghost Voices is the most well received to date, and infuses trance and deep house elements with Rob’s sound (which works just as well in intimate underground venues as in festival settings). Light reverbed out and delayed synths ornament the intro and build ups while a dark house vibe dominates the drops and climax of the song. Influences from the UK, LA, and Japanese electronic scenes are easily spotted here and Virtual Self keeps the track short of 4 minutes while creating a vibe that can carry a late night party or a night drive.


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