Unimouse, by Contour

Unimouse-in-useWorkstation comfort is an increasingly important factor these days, especially when your work grind involves sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. Amongst the quintessential office tools of keyboards and mice, it’s their prolonged use, especially of the latter over time which requires some caution. Prolonged mouse scrolling  can cause detrimental stress, and eventual damage to the hand that uses it. With general health in mind, developers like Countour look to comfort on a universal level before other quirks like extra buttons, and keyboard shortcuts for gaming on their computer accessories, hence the aptly named Unimouse was developed; a mouse with adjustable dexterity in mind.

contour-unimouse-wired-sideRight out of the box, the Unimouse provides a slick 35 degree curvature for your resting hand that fits like a perfectly made glove for most. Between its standard position and its sophisticated thumb rest, the wow factor continues when adjusted to a full 70 degrees, especially for larger hands. In a saturated market, it’s odd that no other mouse has this feature, and the wider it expands, the better a fits in most cases.

The thumb rest is also adjustable to the users liking, being adjustable in a full 360 degree motion. Pull it outward for larger hands, push it inward for smaller ones, or move it forward if you have a longer thumb. Its very similar to a pivoting chair, if the chairs grove were meant for thumb, anyway. Pull it outward, push it forward, or twist it till you find the fit that’s right for you.

unimouse-sixWith a maximum battery life of 470 mAh, which may not seem like a lot, actually lasts quite a while. 470 mAh will net this mouse about three months of battery life, and charging isn’t really an issue since you can charge it during use, but not having to worry about charging is a welcome plus.

When it comes to customizable buttons there six of them are programmable, which is enough for most people, even if keyboard shortcuts aren’t their thing. The top button just under your standard left and right clicks offer a total of ten cursor speeds maxing out at 320 dpi.

Conidering RSI (repetetive strain injuries) are a serious, but lesser known problem in prolonged work hours with people who work solely off of a computer, it’s important to find the right mouse and keyboard. Contour’s Unimouse is the perfect mouse for work and play with it’s innovative adjustable design. This should be the universal office mouse, and that’s a statement that won’t change until their competition decides to follows suite.


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