Music Sunday – Engelwood’s Hotel Wood

Some may disagree, but the Internet is truly a wonderful place.  If humanity wanted itself to drift apart from each other, it would not have created the Internet.  So we know humanity is coming together and the things created from this giant melting pot are beautiful.  Today we feature Engelwood (Engelwood Facebook).  At the first glance, there is an immediate disconnect between Madison, Wisconsin and this jazzy beatmaker that resembles Raoul Duke (sans the LSD’s) with music best suited while sipping on Pina Colada in the Caribbean.  But by Internet he exists, and thank Youtube we get to listen to his creations, for free!



Although probably not made by Engelwood himself, the Youtube video features an on-going image of the Kame House, home of Master Roshi in the Japanese manga Dragon Ball series.  The wonderful blend of the multi-cultured sounds and imageries is the testament of the creativity that spawns from human interconnectivity.



So here’s another one, a bonus.  Universal featuring Jeff Kaale, with video made by Blossom Music, an Youtube channel that dubs these chillbeat songs with their brand over some pictures of sunset or forests.  Oh, and Blossom Music always starts their videos with a positive message.  That’s a plus.

Engelwood’s Universal by Blossom on Youtube has less than 400 views as of today, but because Internet, it exists, regardless of its popularity.  Floating in reality first from Madison Wisconsin, then remade by someone somewhere, and now you are listening to it.  Thank you, Internet, and we are doing our bid too.

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