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This utensil is a great way to show your palette the love it deserves — the Liquor Perfection Decanter by Woo Collective delivers a smooth swash of flavor, and a lesson in chemistry to boot. The marriage of Taiwanese craftsmanship and ancient chemistry offers a taste of purity, and smoothness in the glass of your next beverage (alcoholic and non). While the original intent of the decanter is to siphon, and smoothen the flavor of liquor, this useful tool also augments the quality of tea, coffee, beer, and wine. The way it works has to do with the item’s make, and deals with the process of oxidization by a common human element on the periodic table: Tin.

Due to the fact that tin does not easily oxidize, it is often used in the production of various food and drink utensils. Tin does in fact create a noticeable difference in taste for even the most unrefined of palettes. While testing it with some affordable whiskey, the generally overpowering taste of alcohol becomes less harsh, and harmonious with other flavors. It works especially well if the decanting occurs before adding a mixer.



As far back as the days of ancient China, tin products have been recognized as utensils that refine the taste of wine, cleanse water, and even augments the aroma of tea, and flowers. The spiral shape of this decanter top is a concious engineering choice. In allowing the liquid to flow by maximizing surface area contact. The liquor pours in a flowing stream through the tin spiral, resulting in a smoother, mellower taste that looks just as thirst quenching as it tastes.

The spiral shape of the Woo Collective Ball decanter top is of a conscious engineering choice. The liquid’s flow maximizes surface area contact by being poured in a flowing stream through the tin spiral. The result is a smoother, mellower taste, that looks just as quenching as it feels. The Woo Collective Liquor Perfection Decanter  won the 2017 Reddot Design Award; and is as a table top accessory as aesthetically pleasing on the eyes as it is on the palette.


For Whiskey and Beer drinkers, choose the stick form of the Liquor Perfection Decanter. While being portable it instantaneously makes your drink taste smoother while retaining the flavors intended by the original brewer.



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