Luckies: Magnified For Your Viewing Pleasure

It’s fair to say that most Americans with cellular service have access to the internet. As rapidly as the world has changed since the early 90’s, nothing compares to the nuclear boom that is the internet; a current necessity for most people’s work, communication, and more interestingly—entertainment. If you check your phone statistics, streaming might just be what’s eating up the majority of your data (with social media at a close second). The internet is a versatile world for the entertainment business, and with phone’s being a common, and affordable platforms for online access, it’s not surprising how much use and entertainment you can get from the device nestled in the palm of your hand. Enter Luckies of London; a British trinket and luxuries company with an old-school flair for new-school products. Considering a number of people who stream videos on their phone may choose this platform out of necessity rather than choice, the clever Smart Phone Magnifier, and Projector, make for surprisingly thoughtful, and effective products for your viewing pleasure.

Smartphone-Magnifier-02 Smartphone-Projector-2.0-Cinema-In-A-Box-02Netflix has taken over the way we view our movies and shows; subscriptions exist in the home of about 52.6 million Americans. Amazon is the closest competitor with 25.2 million home subscribers on Prime, and most of us do watch short videos on Youtube regularly. Viewing through a phone screen can be a bit straining. Even the largest of phone screens sport a decent enough resolution, but lack the size of the acceptable size for long term viewing comfort. Regardless people still enjoy lying down after a long day, and binge-watching entire shows on a screen as big as your palm. With the Smart Phone magnifier you can gain a more comfortable viewing experience by doubling the screen size while invoking that yesteryear feeling of watching your shows on an old television set. You can even find some other practical uses if you want to get creative. Forgo the displeasure of squinting while watching Youtube, or Netflix videos. This well executed concept has a $30 dollar price tag, and makes for a practical use of phone viewing.

The projector works very similarly, but must be in complete darkness for a larger viewing.



Nostalgia is a powerful drug. I realized this while using the smart phone magnifier for streaming video game content. The magnifier itself reminded me of an old Gameboy accessory with a similar concept. Before the days of back-lit screens (the dark ages), the only source of light was the florescent kind. Realizing this was a problem someone decided to invented an accessory that housed a back light and magnifying glass for the system. Needless to say this led to many a night of prolonged after hour sessions with Pokemon, and Mario. (on a school night no less). If you share a similar love for video games, why not revive that nostalgia by combining the Magnifier with a wireless bluetooth controller to get that home game feeling.

Bottom line — the phone’s interface is simple and easy when it comes to streaming entertainment. If a thousand dollar laptop or television set is out of your current budget range, or simply can’t fit in your room, go lo-tech and dish out thirty bucks for something just as good, maybe better depending on the circumstance.



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