Trekz: For Alternative Listening

Somewhere on the list of things that make us go “grrr”— are casual music listeners who just can’t seem to find a pleasant, on-the-go experience. Chances are you’ve had an aggressive love/hate relationship with a previous pair of uncomfortable earbuds (or headphones), and you’ve dealt with it like the champ you are. You may have held out through ear fatigue and sore lobes mid listening sessions— if so, welcome to the club.

There are circumstances where a pair of earbuds simply don’t fit or slip out of an ear while in motion. Are these grievances worth the discomfort, you may ask yourself? “Yes” are the solemn cries of true audiophiles around the world, (and as legend has it, their struggle continues onward ’till this very day).  As for all the rest who simply cannot devalue their own comfort, we urge you to forego your frugal spending in favor of the Aftershokz solution; avoid the ears altogether.


Today we are elated to highlight the Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones, made from a flexible variant of its namesake. These Bluetooth headphones weigh about an ounce, which is approximately the same weight as a pair of glasses, and can be worn simultaneously with them. Headphones and glasses have always been at odds, and are difficult to wear together. The slick design of the Trekz make it easy to be worn around your glasses, without overlapping, thus solving another common headphone issue as your eyewear can sits comfortably beneath the Trekz.


The main attraction of these headphones aren’t their technical shape however, but rather their use of bone conduction technology. Sound is transmitted through bone conduction, deviating from the style of standard earbuds. The pair instead sits comfortably south of your temples to work all their magic— or rather, their science. The headphones emit sounds through vibration. They can be worn not only with glasses, but also hearing aids, and are made of sweat proof material. The versatility of Trekz make them an ideal headphone for sports, the elderly, and athletic use.

One major conceptual influence behind the Trekz design was a desire to retain spacial awareness. You can blast your tunes while on the move and still hear everything going on around you. Zoning out on a commute can be a great way to relax, but if you’re a jogger on your daily run, it’s important to hear that car coming or bicycle bell on a busy street.


So how do they sound? In comparison to other headphones you won’t get the same “oomph” from an isolating pair of headphones, but the Trekz still offer a premium audio experience with a wide dynamic range, and a good, thumping bass. Headphones themselves tend to carry their own unique problems, whether being too cumbersome to carry or to large to wear consistently around the neck, as many do. The Trekz are not particularly a competitor on the headphone market, but rather a companion. The bone conduction technology allows for full situational awareness unlike traditional headphones. Try out the Trekz yourself by Aftershokz and find out for yourself if open ear headphones are right for you.

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