Gifts From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A new Star Wars movie comes out this week. Star Wars: Rogue One continues to break the old franchise tradition of a May film release, a trend started by Episode VII: The Force Awakens which debuted on December 18th of last year.

Met with favorable response by fans, and newcomers alike, Episode VII was a welcome return to form. The Universe of “the force” had once again filled the hearts and minds of fans, both new and old with feelings of wonder, adventure, and mysticism.

How could anyone not feel a little warm and fuzzy on the inside watching such a nostalgic sci-fi space opera bring spirit and wonder in tandem with the most wonderful time of the year? By switching things up, they’ve matched the season to the emotional impact of the films perfectly. As horror is to Halloween, fantasy and sci-fi seem to go hand in hand with joyful winter holidays, especially a series as fantastic and mythic as Star Wars.

Star Wars actually has a history of some lesser known Christmas specials, which, while fun to look back on, by all accounts should probably stay buried. So to coincide with a long forgotten, ill known tradition, and just in time for the holiday season, here’s some great gifts and paraphernalia from a galaxy far, far away.


The Indoor Helicoptor:


Recently featured in the New York Post, the Star Wars Indoor Helicopter is a perfect gift for the child at home (or within)! This indoor flying helicopter takes the form of the iconic X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, or Tie Fighter. Each Star Wars Indoor Helicopter comes with a high- performance gyro sensor for flight stability. Can’t decide which is your favorite? Grab all three, and the easy to use remote control has three frequency bands, allowing for flight of three star ships simultaneously. A fast, easy to learn, and a fun to use gift for your junior space cadet.


Star Wars Builders by Metal Earth:


If you’re looking for something low key, and less crash-y, these mini statues by Metal Earth are a great exercise in patience and finesse. Time, and a pair a tweezers are all it takes to make these famous Star Wars figures come to life. The iconic Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, X-Wing and more can be a great project for the detail oriented. These are also a great way to practice patience, and problem solving for young adults.


Vader Toothpick Dispenser:

Credit: Leah

Wield the power of a Sith Lord at your dining room table with this bold figure and toothpick dispenser. A novelty figure with a bias for oral hygiene makes a great gift for an older audience. Vader is ready to make a statement in anyone’s room and bring unintended joy to your after dinner relaxation.


We hope these great gifts bring you as much joy as Star Wars has brought us. After seeing Rogue One, or just rehashing some films of the older trilogy, reflect on how awesome of a series Star Wars really is, with these gifts in your home. and happy holidays. One things for sure, they’re better than the holiday specials at least. Happy Holidays from the Rebel Alliance at AC.

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