“What’s The Deal With Activated Charcoal?” Featuring Morihata

You may have seen a number of articles about the healing properties of Charcoal. Charcoal for your water, charcoal for your skin, even charcoal for your hair. Though it may seem like a far fetched miracle drug, it’s actually an ancient well utilized wonder of chemistry. This isn’t your average messy artist charcoal either; through activation via heat, clean water and calcium chloride, a more solid, less messy form of charcoal was created for just about everything related to our way of living.

An accidental discovery; activated carbon is an all purpose remedy and healing agent whose use dates as far back as 3750 B.C. Its original use was to reduce copper, zinc, and other tin ores in the production of bronze and other industrialized metals. For Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, activated carbon has been found to also be an incredible preservative. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties in charcoal were capitalized soon after their discovery. The results were a number of stellar improvements to our modern human industrial and medicinal advancements.

Though less known, the healing properties of carbon are still utilized widely today, especially in modern Asian cultures. A resurgence has carved a niche for the practice of using charcoal products within modern day holistic households as well; and for good reason. The uses of activated carbon range across the body; the purification or filtering of water and air, to the maintenance of good skin care are some of those various uses. It can even be used to improve oral hygiene.

Here’s how you can take advantage of it’s multiple uses in a number of already active, prepped and package lifestyle products. The Morihata company’s style of activated charcoal originates in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan, and is known as Binchō-tan. Binchō-tan (or white charcoal) has numerous small pores that adsorb chemical substances, which explains its adaptive properties. Bits can be added to rice during cooking to remove the chlorinated tap water taste, placed in shoe-cabinets to absorb odors, and put in rooms to freshen the air. There are many more supposed benefits and health values of white charcoal, and the Morihata company has various products you can easily and affordably add to your home:


Carbon Charcoal Stick


These pure slabs of activated charcoal are some of the more versatile forms on the market. Either place them in water after a rinsing and boiling for about 10 minutes for chemical adsorption, add it to bath water for a quality skin detox, or even food like the aforementioned rice hack for improvement in any form of daily life.




Due to its anti-bacterial capabilities each bristle of this toothbrush contains activated charcoal. Not only does a good brushing prevent bad breath, and remove plaque more exceptionally than the average toothbrush, but it also rapidly whitens your teeth. Activated charcoal has even been smeared across teeth like a whitening gel and then spat out for surprisingly quick, well-rounded results for oral hygiene.


Air Purifier


The activated carbon inside the charcoal and its purifying properties have been used for millennia adsorbing toxins within water, as an antidote for some poisons, and even as a filter in gas masks. The same concept for home use filters out the air around you, and sits wherever you like in the form of a cube with the phenomenal side effect of improving a room’s aesthetic.


Eye Mask


On the innovative forefront, this four layer eye mask incorporates a sheet of charcoal, and emits infrared rays that gently stimulate blood flow for soothing the eye area. Smooth to the touch, and non-fragrant, the Binchotan Eye Mask is recommended for relaxation, stress relief, sinus pain, and a good night’s sleep.


Skin Care


Activated carbon makes exfoliating skin care easier than ever. The Binchotan activated charcoal body towel and facial puff put other towels and soaps to shame. Your skin benefits tremendously from the purifying power of activated carbon and the puff is a natural sponge made from a combination of Konjac root fiber with ultra-fine Binchotan charcoal powder. The natural anti-bacterial and toxin adsorption of the activated carbon help cleanse your skin as you gently exfoliate with the scrub.

This article only scratches the surface of activated charcoals uses.  It is integral in detoxifying soil, and even treating lyme disease. Activated charcoal has numerous ways to make our lives more healthy. It purifies the water we drink, the air we breathe, and Morihata’s various products are all about using it to effectively improve your lifestyle.

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