5 Items That Win The Zombie Apocalypse

October is finally here, and we’re more than ready for shows like The Walking Dead to scare the living bejeebus out of us. The reason these shows scare you so much is because somewhere in the back of your mind you’re wondering ‘What if it were real?’

What if an apocalyptic event happened the day after tomorrow? Some of you may already have emergency plans and provisions ready to go, but we like to take things a step further: How do we win The Zombie Apocalypse? Here are five things we think will not only help you survive, but thrive in a post-apocalyptic world.


Power – Voltaic Array Solar Backpack


Everyone knows that you need a bug out bag. Not everyone knows that your bug out bag could also be your portable power station. With the Voltaic Array Solar Backpack, you can charge anything from iPods to Laptops, keeping yourself sane and giving you access to life saving electronics and computing power.


Light  – SolarHelix


If you’re in a post-apocalyptic scenario, it’s likely all grid power will be offline. That means no street lamps or city lights at night. We want our light source to be light weight, and we don’t want to spend half of our adventure scavenging for batteries. That’s where the Solar Helix comes in. The lantern folds flat, and has three settings including emergency strobe. It’s lightweight enough to carry multiple lanterns and illuminate your entire base camp.


Medic! – VSSL First Aid Kit


If left untreated, a simple cut from your tools or a loose branch could put a damper on your post-apocalyptic adventure. There are tons of first aid kits available, but when looking for a winner, we had to go with VSSL. Not only is their kit air tight, light weight and durable, but the VSSL top and bottom are a flashlight and compass.


H2O – NDuR Survival Straw


You can only carry so much bottled water. Once you run out, you’re on the search for a safe drinking supply. Depending on your location, you could be surrounded by water that is undrinkable unless you have the NDuR Survival Straw. This straw filters micro organisms, toxins, bacteria, as well as viruses from your water, so you won’t need to worry about thirst or debilitating illness.


F*cking Fireballs – Pyro Mini 

Let’s face it – You’re not winning the zombie apocalypse until those shamblers are literally on fire. There are several ways to accomplish this feat, but a winner launches a fireball from their wrist with the Pyro Mini. The rechargeable fireball launcher doubles as a nifty way to start a fire for cooking and keeping warm.

While the Zombie Apocalypse has been proven extremely unlikely (impossible, most scientists agree), it pays to be prepared for any disaster situation, natural or otherwise.

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