Heaven II by Final Audio


After a pleasant experience with Final Audio’s Adagio III, we have decided to go in-depth with Final Audio’s Heaven II, another of their in ear headphones in AC Gears’ assortment.

There is a lot of attention to detail with each Final Audio headphones, and for the earphone lineup, the Heaven II is no exception. The stainless steel housings are sleek, and attached to a flat tangle resistant cable asymmetrically. The slim body allows for comfortable insertion with minimal contact on the outer ear. They did require deeper insertion into the ear-canal which Final Audio intended in the design.


The sound signature of the Heaven II is much different than the Adagio III, showing a clear distinction between the two lines by Final Audio. High mids are far forward with a large bump between 2,000 – 4,000 Hz. The bass is tame and well controlled, while the low-mid frequencies are recessed.

The Heaven II are on the analytical side of the headphone spectrum, and it’s apparent they’re intended for those that love bright headphones. Plenty of zing with a little bit of a kick. Customers will enjoy these headphones listening to jazz, lounge, dreamwave and classical.


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