Treether – A Union of Wood & Leather



Natural, durable, beautiful. The Treether wallet collection by Parsec design studio is a triple threat. Parsec originally ran a crowd funding campaign for the Treether in Taiwan where they are hand manufactured. That campaign reached a mind blowing 1870% of the support they initially sought, and now they’re breaking into the North American arena. We had the opportunity to see these wallets up close, and were impressed by their luster as much as their supple feel in hand.





The Treether collection is available in eight types of wood; Walnut, teak, padauk, zebra, camphor burl, ebony, birdseye maple, & rosewood. All are sourced from planned logging, driftwood, or recycled furniture to minimally impact the environment. The wood is thinly sliced and meticulously combined with vegetable tanned leather to create flexible one of a kind wallets.

Because Treether is made from real wood, they do have additional upkeep in order to be maintained well. We were shown that each wallet would come with beeswax to renew moisture and prevent cracks. It’s a small amount of work for the occasional double take when one picks up the tab. Planning to grab a Treether? Find it on AC Gears as soon as Parsec releases them in October 2016.

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