Clique Mini, Clique Max!

Selfies are a wonderful thing. Seriously! Yes, they’re a fad that won’t seem to go away. And yes, they’re a bit of a far cry from classic photography as an art – but hey, they make people happy, and that’s a good thing. Photographs of any kind, even selfies are one of the closest ways we’ve come to immortalizing precious moments. A quick click, a flash and cha-ching is all it takes to digitally store yourself a new memory; something you can revisit whenever you need a reminder of good times. Whether you’re injecting yourself with a healthy dose of self love via a solo selfie, or through close-up group shots with your posse, there’s definitely value in the feelings that come from seeing these memories. So, why not embrace that happiness, shake off the negative stigma behind selfies, and simply enjoy them? The team at Cliquefie sure seem to share that sentiment. In fact they relish in it! By utilizing their tech to improve those wonderful experiences, they’ve added some class and flair to selfie culture with their products; meet the mini and max by Cliquefie, selfie sticks with personality that are significantly more endearing than the norm.


In its standard form, the CliquefieMax is a compact ten inches and fits neatly in a bag or purse. It’s features change up the way selfie sticks operate thanks to a click-able three-pronged stand on its bottom end. A simple click and pull is all it takes to add some new angles and long-ranged shots to your camera phone. By the handle there’s a tiny remote shutter that can be removed from the handle and connected via Bluetooth for some very effective remote controlled shots. No cords, apps, or extras required


The CliquefieMini also carries a wireless Bluetooth-enabled remote, which ranges up to ten meters. Unlike its sister item, the CliquefieMini doesn’t come with an extendable tripod, but it does come with a standard sized tripod thread at the bottom to fasten onto virtually most tripod types. Both versions also have an intuitive secure grip that stretches up to 5.2 inches and secures even the bulkiest of encased phones.

Both Max, and Mini are made from polarized stainless steel. They’re lightweight, and fully support generally any smartphone. They come in a beautiful array of solid colors for the fashion-savy consumer. If you’re looking for a selfie stick that goes above and beyond, the Cliquefie series sits on a lonely competition-less pedestal.

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