Geographia – Earth’s Beauty on Folded Paper



Red Dot Award winning Drill Design and long established Marumo Printing have joined forces to conquer the globe. Not in the sinister cat stroking fashion, but through brilliant design.

Together they created the Geographia series of sectional globes which utilize processing and printing methods that not only convey information through text, but form as well.

Each globe is divided into removable sections, separated longitudinally along its axis. On the surface, various styles display our planet in a variety of ways, populating the continents with trees, animals or even glow in the dark lights that concentrate in populated areas.

When a section is removed, the interior displays the layers beneath our earth’s crust. Leaving no detail unaddressed, the unique shape is designed to lean at the same angle as the earth’s tilt. The Geographia sectional globes work well as a desktop accessory, or learning tool for curious minds.



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