Triple Your Going Power With The iWalk Trio

If you’ve been on the latest trend circling around for the past three weeks, it’s likely that you either encountered someone playing, or heard of the mobile phenomenon that is “Pokemon Go”. While it has been another excuse for people to keep their phone glued to their hands, the overwhelmingly positive feedback it’s received can hardly be ignored.

It’s an example of technology that promotes connectivity and exercise, things we often criticize technology for hindering. Poke Go is a great way to get yourself out of a seated position, go out into the world, and explore; such is the Nintendo way. One study finds it has even helped a number of people with their depression!
So in honor of Pokemon Go, and all it’s battery draining glory, we’d like to promote the tone it offers in relation to technology as a lifestyle, and help you extend that experience with the iWalk Extreme Trio.


It carries a 10,000 mAh maximum charge and has built-in cables for both the standard microUSB, and iOS devices. It also has a USB port, allowing you to charge up to three devices at once.  The device is 13mm in length, aesthetically stunning, and smooth, with a diamond shape pattern. It displays the remaining battery percentage at the base via an LCD display along with the charging current. It’s 2.4A input, means rapid charging capabilities. You can keep all your battery draining applications (Like Poke Go) open while charging and you’ll still gain more power than you burn. A smart circuit detection keeps your battery from overcharging as well.



At its core is a lithium polymer battery, the design of which allows the Trio to weigh less and have a slimmer profile. “I’d consider the actual rate at which it charged devices one of the best I’ve seen in a portable battery in a long time.” Says one review.  The battery itself has a max output of 3.4A across all charging ports. The iWalk Extreme Trio battery has picked up two awards for its innovative design and superior performance.



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