Catch Six Pikachu And A Snorlax (Without Leaving Home)

With Pokemon Go taking over the internet along with every park, sidewalk, bar, monument, and museum, we thought some of our readers might be fans of the pocket monster franchise. If so, then why not take it a step further with this adorable Pokemon game by Megahouse?

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Here we have the Pikachu Stacking Game. Snorlax is relaxing in a comfy hammock, and Pikachu wants to join in! ALL of the Pikachu. The object of the game is to take turns stacking Pikachu on Snorlax – but don’t be the one to tip the hammock, or you and Pikachu lose.



In the video above we have our staff try their luck, and according to one staffer the game was “Probably impossible, especially while drunk”. So if your legs have given up on Pokemon Go, the Megahouse Pokemon Pikachu Stacking Game is a fun stationary alternative!

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