Sustee – Your Artificial Green Thumb



If you need a little help obtaining your green thumb, the Sustee offers a comprehensive aid in knowing when to water your plants. Using it is straight forward. Water your plant if the Sustee indicator turns white. Seems simple enough, but I decided to take a look into the science behind the Sustee aquameter for more curious minds.




The most remarkable feature of the sustee is that it can be used with a wide range of plants that require varying water levels. How, exactly? The Sustee monitors the water level using the soil moisture retention curve (pF), which measures soil moisture suction vs the moisture content. More simply, how much strength is needed to absorb water remaining in the soil. The indicator displays when the pF curve of your Sustee reaches 2.3, the lowest effective moisture level for any plant. At pF 4.2, plants will no longer be able to take up water and begin to wither.




Don’t count on Sustee to do all of the work. Watering your floral friend when it’s in need is 100% your responsibility. Indoor plants have been proven to improve productivity and overall mental health, so let’s return the favor!

Interested in Sustee? It’s available here!

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