This VR Studio Will Immerse You In Experiences With Swimsuit Models & Reggie Watts


Engadget reports on Wevr (pronounced “weaver), a virtual reality studio involved in both production and distribution that is poised to become the go-to source of the VR content that will soon be very much in demand.


Demand is already there for the VR hardware, with plenty of interest in the Oculus Rift, but the variety and amount of content available is currently not keeping up. Wevr’s CEO Neville Spiteri has this issue very much on his mind. You can see it in the work the company has already done with content creators and entertainers from Adult Swim to Reggie Watts, producing immersive works like Waves with Watts and shooting Sports Illustrated’s latest Swimsuit Issue.


Spiteri tells Engadget:

“We have very big, bold, brave plans to grow a community of VR creatives that really love VR and are really committed to the medium. And we’re going to invest heavily in building not only individual experiences with content creators, but we’re starting to think through what services, what software, what platform capabilities do we need to roll out to support that community.”

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