This Chair Inspired by 90s French House Music Will Go Nicely In Your Discotheque

french touch chair

Designer Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli created the “French Touch” chair with French dance music from the 90’s in mind, resulting in a piece of furniture that flashes and glows like a Daft Punk track.

french touch chair 2

The dichroic film applied over the chair, built from CNC-cut acrylic assembled with steel bolts, interacts with light to create a shifting, luminous color spectrum inspired by the way the music of the era applied heavy filters to vintage disco samples, resulting in a new, signature sound. As the designer explains:

“The chair is as vibrant and mesmerizing as the combination of uplifting disco samples and heavy filters used in tracks during the heyday of the French house musical genre.”

The chair even comes with its own mix, to give you an idea of the kinds of sounds it is meant to emulate. You can listen here.

[Via Design Milk]

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