Turn Your Smartphone Into a Personal Theater You Wear On Your Head


There are many reasons to skip seeing movies in a theater — people talk, text and otherwise disrupt what should be a very peaceful excursion. So if you feel, like Sartre, that ‘hell is other people,’ this inexpensive home theater system may be just right for you. Put another way — here’s how to block out the world by putting a big cardboard box over your entire head.

The Solo Theater is produced by Lucy Alter Design from Tokyo, another big city where the stillness and solitude that comes from being really, truly alone is a hard-sought luxury. The idea is simple enough, if not a little sad-looking in execution: stick your head in the box, lay down facing up, and enjoy your videos played on your smartphone screen, which rests on top.


The interior of the box even includes silhouettes of other audience members, which seems unnecessary, but at least they’re quiet. Sold as the Cardboard Home Cinema on Firebox, you can buy one now for under $40 — or, you know, save up some pizza boxes and build your own lonely-hole just the way you like it.


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