A professor at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and his team seem to have cracked the code on a small, extremely affordable 3-D printer that just about anyone in possession of a smartphone can use. This is thanks to a special resin they developed that is hardened by visible light — this includes the light given off from a smartphone screen. That’s right — you’ll print directly onto your phone’s screen.


The team explains:

“The phone printer works by placing a coated vat of specialty resin on top of a smartphone, or similar device. While the light from the phone cures the resin onto a metal printbed, held above the vat. With each layer cured, this z-axis platform lifts up until the print is complete.”

This breakthrough earned Professor Jeng Ywam-Jeng and his team a first place prize at Taiwan’s 2015 3D Printing Innovation Application Contest, and are seemingly moving towards production of this mini printer, which they expect to retail for a very affordable $100+.

[Via Core 77]


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