From a Back to the Future Hoverboard to Collaborating With Daft Punk


Perhaps that sounds like a strange career arc, but trying to recreate the iconic hoverboard from Back to the Future II is exactly how cousins Cédric and Nicolas Hervet got their start, as the NY Times reports:

“We took the entire thing seriously, sketching and welding an aluminum box that was filled with helium,” Nicolas says. “Our grandfather ran over the prototype with his car. Of course, in the end, it didn’t work anyway.”

From those seemingly inauspicious beginnings bloomed a successful design business. Hervet Manufacturier designs furniture and interesting objects with a space-age, futuristic bent, an aesthetic they share with Daft Punk; Cédric is friends with one half of the duo, Thomas Bangalter, who photographed Hervet Manufacturier’s atelier and new showroom in Paris.


The cousins also worked with Daft Punk in designing a Formica skateboard, based on a Hervet Manufacturier wood design — no helium involved.

[Via NY Times]

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