Virtual Reality Rollercoaster Will Take You On a Wild Tour of Fictional Planets

vr rollercoaster

Alton Towers, a theme park in the UK, has announced a new virtual-reality ride will be opening in April. It’s built around a backstory involving a fictional space tourism company called Galactica, whose website provides some information about what booking a tour and becoming a ‘Galactinaut’ entails.

vr rollercoaster 2

After signing up to join “an elite and privileged group of interstellar pioneers to be the universe’s first Galactinauts to experience space flight,” riders will be equipped with a Samsung Gear VR Visor before being strapped in and sent through the ‘Launch Portal.’

vr rollercoaster 3

Eve, a fictional AI, will be your onboard tour guide as you navigate a route that promises to deliver “heavenly clouds on the Great Orion Nebula, lava lakes on Nero 5, frozen landscapes on Kepler 9,” and even front-row seats to the birth of a new star.

[Via Wareable]

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