Teenager Explains Theory of Relativity With a Video That Won Him $400,000

Whether you need a quick refresher on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, or a complete lesson from the ground up, you could certainly do worse than this unpretentious and clear video explanation created by teenager Ryan Chester.


The Breakthrough Junior Challenge committee certainly agrees, having awarded Chester and his school $400,000 for his efforts ($250,000 of which goes to his scholarship, with $50,000 to his teacher and $100,000 to his school to fund a science lab).


Using live-action, motion graphics and some (rather rudimentary, but charming) sketches combined with a concise script, all written and created by Chester, the video breaks down the meaning of the relativity theory and how it could be possible that someone traveling through space would experience time differently than someone on Earth — a point that may have left a lot of us scratching our heads after seeing Christopher Nolan’s recent space odyssey Interstellar.

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