IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Is Your Personal Chef

Image: IBM

Image: IBM

IBM’s Watson, the supercomputer that has competed against human contestants on Jeopardy, has partnered with Bon Appétit to offers its services as your new personal chef.

The Atlantic visited the BA Test Kitchen for a demonstration of how Chef Watson uses cognitive cooking technology, drawing from Bon Appétit’s massive recipe database, to help you combine disparate pantry ingredients into a dish that makes sense and tastes great while simultaneously helping reduce needless waste.

“All you have to do is feed the app a few ingredients you want to work with, plus some basic parameters about the cuisine you’re craving, and Watson will churn out never-before-been-cooked ideas that fit the bill.

Recently, Watson has proved that it also helps cooks reduce food waste by encouraging them to use what they have on hand. The computer works with what you have—it doesn’t necessitate buying a boatload of new ingredients you’ll use once and then let go bad.”

[Via Bon Appétit]




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