Get Your News in Virtual Reality from the NY Times

Image: Screengrab from NYT VR via The Observer

Image: Screengrab from NYT VR via The Observer

Heading into new, exciting waters, The New York Times introduced the NYT VR app yesterday, which will allow subscribers to immerse themselves in special reporting using their mobile device, headphones and an optional, but recommended, cardboard viewing device. The Times Magazine kicks off the VR content with three portraits of children in various parts of the world displaced by war and persecution.

“‘This new filmmaking technology enables an uncanny feeling of connection with people whose lives are far from our own,’ writes Jake Silverstein, editor of the magazine.”


iPhone users can find NYT VR on the App Store, while Android users can download it from Google Play. And, thanks to a partnership with Google, all domestic NY Times subscribers who receive the Sunday edition will receive free Google Cardboard VR viewers. Though, as you may already know, you could also build your own for cheap.


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