The Science Behind Music and Productivity


In a world with plenty of auditory distractions, putting on music while you work is a standard practice, whether its done to help with focus or simply to break up the monotony of a dull or repetitive task. But what types of music are best suited for which tasks? Crew investigates:

“A study published in the Journal of Music Therapy found that listening to your favorite type of music lowers your perception of tension, making you more likely to be happier and productive during stressful situations (like at work).

But beyond just ‘listen to music you like’, there are some golden rules for picking the perfect song for the type of work you’re doing.”

The piece goes on to outline and explain these rules, listed below. By using the logic in these golden rules, they’ve also provided a handy graph, matching type of music to type of task.

Image credit: Corey Blaz

Image credit: Corey Blaz

1. For simple tasks, choose music you’re heard before
2. Lose the lyrics when you’re learning
3. Jam out during work you love
4. Hit the sweet spot during creative work

Explore the data and research that led to the establishment of these rules in detail over at Crew.





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