The First-Ever Hotel to Implement Emoji Room Service


It’s been a week of big emoji-related news, kicked off with the long-awaited addition of a taco emoji (finally!), and culminating with the downtown Manhattan hotel Aloft‘s announcement that you can now order room service items using only emojis. While Dominos had already rolled out a system that allows customers to order pizza with an emoji, it turned out to be a little more complicated than that. Aloft’s emoji-ordering system is the first-ever one of its kind to be implemented in a hotel and seems to streamline the process. According to Aloft’s press release announcing the TiGi (“Text it. Get it.”) System:

“The Aloft TiGi Emoji Room Service Menu will launch with six specialty kits, each with essentials that can easily be conveyed via emoji. To order, guests simply text the corresponding emojis from the in-room Aloft TiGi Emoji Room Service Menu to the hotel’s dedicated TiGi number and include their room number. The hotel then confirms the order via text and quickly runs it up. Kits start at $10 and are included in guests’ final check out bills.”

The image above shows the room service emoji menu, offering options for toiletry packs, phone chargers and even a ‘Surprise Me’ option, for the emoji-loving big-spender who prefers to live life on the edge.

[Via Details]


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