The Robot Phone You Didn’t Know You Needed


“RoboHon is a phone you have never seen before” is an accurate piece of promotional copy for this, the prototype robot-slash-smartphone produced by Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp. The video will explain this better than words ever could.


It speaks. It walks. From within your breast pocket, signs of movement as an adorable voice rings out: “There’s a phone call for you!” In the morning, from your bedside table, the voice rings out again, clear and true: “Morning! It’s time to wake up! You are going to go surfing today!” Thank you for the reminder, RoboHon! I love you, RoboHon. Able to respond to voice commands, take pictures, act as a photo projector and generally warm your heart in the way your cold, soulless, faceless smartphone never could, the RoboHon will be unleashed on the world (or at least Japan) in the first half of 2016.

[Via Yahoo]


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