Adidas’ Futurecraft Is a 3D-Printed Shoe Customized for You


Big news in the world of high performance footwear as Adidas reveals its new Futurecraft 3D, a revolutionary running shoe midsole printed with 3D printing technology. Made possible through an open source partnership with 3D printing company Materialise, the technology involved in the Futurecraft means every runner can get a performance midsole customized to their exact specifications and needs — the opposite of ‘one size fits all.’

From the Adidas Futurecraft press release:

“Imagine walking into an adidas store, running briefly on a treadmill and instantly getting a 3D-printed running shoe – this is the ambition of the adidas 3D-printed midsole. Creating a flexible, fully breathable carbon copy of the athlete’s own footprint, matching exact contours and pressure points, it will set the athlete up for the best running experience. Linked with existing data sourcing and footscan technologies, it opens unique opportunities for immediate in-store fittings.”


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