Protect Ya Neck (and the Rest of Your Face) with Anti-Facial Recognition

The URME Prosthetic

The URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic

As facial recognition technology is becoming more commonly employed, and more accurate (Two separate teams of Chinese researchers have claimed to developed facial recognition tech that is upwards of 99% accurate), there are those in our midst who have decided this is problematic, and are taking steps to jam this increasingly-watchful system.

The Kernel reports on a few members of this anti-facial recognition movement, artists who are raising questions about what this means for our society and the protection of our identities. For instance:

Leo Selvaggio, creator of the URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic: “What is actually happening is that you’re creating disinformation. What happens when there’s a hundred Leos walking in public spaces, all from different parts of the country? What is an automated system going to say about me then?”

Adam Harvey, NY artist and creator of the Computer Vision (CV) Dazzle, which offers tips on styling hair/makeup to block facial recognition: “(My) grand vision is to change the way we think about privacy, and by extension technology. I want to see more discussion and accountability for the technology choices we make.”

[Via The Kernel]

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