Scientists Create A Real-Life Star Trek Tractor Beam


Turning fantasy into reality, British researchers have created a Star Trek-like tractor beam by employing sound waves that have the power to move physical objects. Fascinated by the idea of creating a workable, invisible beam that had the power to manipulate objects, scientists in Bristol and Sussex in the UK […]

Lego Won’t Sell to Ai Weiwei, So He’s Collecting Legos In BMWs Instead

According to artist/provocateur Ai Weiwei’s Instagram account, Lego refused to fulfill a bulk order placed by the Ai Weiwei Studio that was to be used in the creation of artworks for display at Australia’s National Gallery of Victoria. From Weiwei’s post: “In June 2015 Ai Weiwei Studio began to design […]

A Safer Bike Intersection, Created By a Former Video Game Designer


Gizmodo shares the story of how Nick Falbo, a video game designer-turned-urban planner who had worked on game franchises like Rock Band and Mass Effect utilized his talent at creating virtual worlds to improve our actual world, making it safer for cyclists and motorists. Falbo, who works at a city planning firm in […]

Adidas’ Futurecraft Is a 3D-Printed Shoe Customized for You


Big news in the world of high performance footwear as Adidas reveals its new Futurecraft 3D, a revolutionary running shoe midsole printed with 3D printing technology. Made possible through an open source partnership with 3D printing company Materialise, the technology involved in the Futurecraft means every runner can get a […]

Protect Ya Neck (and the Rest of Your Face) with Anti-Facial Recognition

The URME Prosthetic

As facial recognition technology is becoming more commonly employed, and more accurate (Two separate teams of Chinese researchers have claimed to developed facial recognition tech that is upwards of 99% accurate), there are those in our midst who have decided this is problematic, and are taking steps to jam this […]