3-D Printed Mooncakes and Lanterns to Celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival


Coinciding with the supermoon eclipse this Sunday is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, a harvest and family-centric holiday celebrated across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And this year, 3-D printing technology is aiding in the festivities.


The traditional treat at the heart of the holiday is the mooncake, a decorative pastry typically filled with a sweet bean paste and imprinted with various designs and Chinese characters. Hangzhou Printing Technology Co., Ltd, a start-up helmed by college students from the city of Hangzhou, has utilized 3-D food printing technology to produce batches of mooncakes for this year’s festival, coming in a variety of colors and adorned with different designs and company logos.


Colorful Chinese lanterns are another staple in Mid-Autumn celebrations, and this year Stratasys has used their Objet Connex 3D Printer to print a multi-color Chinese lantern to celebrate:

“Designed by our Applications team in Hong Kong, the lantern was 3D printed in rigid color materials(VeroCyanTM, VeroMagentaTM and VeroYellowTM) in a single print run with Chinese patterns on the lantern shade. Chinese words are also 3D printed in VeroYellow – “人月兩團圓” – translating in English to mean “family reunion at full moon,” a blessing that families treasure every year.”


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