Make Your Own Clock (Not a Bomb)

Not a bomb -- just our Adafruit MONOCHRON Clock kit Zoom Adafruit MONOCHRON Clock kit

Not a bomb — just our Adafruit MONOCHRON Clock kit

The story of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, an enterprising young student with an interest in electronics who was arrested at his Irving, Texas high school after bringing in a clock he’d made that was mistaken for a bomb, has resulted in a flood of comments, some from very high-profile people encouraging Mohamed to keep on creating. We couldn’t agree more.

In that same spirit, Wired took the time to remind us all of one important fact: a clock is not a bomb. And if you’d like to join young Ahmed in making your own clock (that’s not a bomb), you can do it, too. It’s easy!

“In the interest of aiding the investigation—and assisting authorities everywhere should similar cases arise—we at WIRED thought it would be helpful to post some instructions kids and their families can follow to make their own clocks at home.”


You can start with the instructional videos above along with some of our many maker kits, with something for every age and experience level. Fear not the circuit board, and start creating!

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