Mike Kelley’s Superman-Inspired Exhibition

Mike Kelley, Kandors, Kandor 4

Mike Kelley, Kandors, Kandor 4

Hauser & Wirth in NY presents their first full exhibition devoted to the works of late artist Mike Kelley, and is the first exhibition in New York to focus on his series Kelley’s Kandors, a collection of works named for the capital of Krypton, the birthplace of Superman. From Hauser & Wirth’s description:

“According to the comic book legend, Superman’s father Jor-El sent his infant son to safety on Earth before Krypton’s destruction, saving his life but inadvertently sentencing Superman to a future of displacement, loneliness, and longing. Superman grows up believing that Kandor was destroyed, but later discovers his real home still exists: Kandor was stolen by intergalactic archvillain Brainiac prior to Krypton’s demise, shrunken to a miniature metropolis, and left trapped inside a glass bottle. Superman ultimately wrestles Kandor away from Brainiac and hides it in his Fortress of Solitude, sustaining its citizens with tanks of Kryptonic atmosphere. As Kelley once explained, Kandor functions for Superman as ‘a perpetual reminder of his inability to escape the past, and his alienated relationship to his present world.’”


From glowing sculptures of miniature alien cities to video projections and a giant, main room-spanning installation presented for the first time in the U.S., the Mike Kelley exhibition promises to be a visually-impressive exploration of light, space and pop cultural references that are the backbone of the artist’s best work.


See it now through October 24th at Hauser & Wirth.

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