The Man Who Ate Every Slice of Pizza in Manhattan and Wrote a Book About It


Colin Hagendorf was a young man just trying to make his way through city back in 2009 when he set his life down a certain path by committing to trying every slice of pizza in Manhattan and chronicling it on a blog he called Slice Harvester. The bare-bones template coupled with his loose, familiar writing style didn’t call to mind other food blogs and review sites so much as DIY zines and punk rock publications like Maximum Rock’n’Roll. It chronicled his ups, downs, things having to do with the pizza he was eating, and things that did not. Personal confessionals, philosophical musings, and just plain funny anecdotes ran shoulder-to-shoulder alongside Hagendorf’s strong (and convincing) beliefs about what a NYC slice should be. The blog and pizza map of Manhattan is interesting, but it is also helpfully instructive. It will point you to NY Pizza Suprema, a stone’s throw from Penn Station and the home of a beautiful NY slice (it receives the site’s only ever ‘8 slices out of 8’ rating). It will steer you away from the fakes and floozies peddling inferior or downright inedible slices. It will teach you things you ought to know.

Image: Wall Street Journal

Image: Wall Street Journal

Graduating to a new publishing platform, Hagendorf has just put out a book chronicling his pizza adventures and life in general. Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza is available now from Simon & Schuster, and promises an entertaining and enlightening look at the life of one punk rocker, through addiction and recovery, woven throughout a lot of good talk about the great pizza slices of this city.

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