A Simple (and Simp-SON) Concept Done Right




This is just perfect.


In loving homage to TV’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons, a couple Russian designers have produced some really great looking bottles of wine.




By taking cues from the grid-designs of painter Piet Mondrian, they’ve created a simple and clean pop art homage to Homer and Marge, echoing their standard modes of dress with bright, expressive colors.


The contents of the bottles remains a mystery, if the uncertain nature of the project’s title — “Wine, or Maybe Not?” — doesn’t make that clear right off the bat. As the label states, the liquid in it is 26 years old, as old as the cartoon series itself. It is alcohol. And there’s not much more revealed, though the creators do promise that each bottle will be a satisfying, not disappointing, surprise.

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