Images: Hufton & Crow
Images: Hufton & Crow
Images: Hufton & Crow

Designer Asif Khan wanted to carry on the tradition of building impressive sculptures — be they of famous icons and heroes or the common ‘everyman’ — as monuments to our time. And it being the generation of the selfie, he managed to do just that.


Khan created an installation displayed on the MegaFaces Pavilion during the recent 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games which projected giant faces in three-dimensional space, created with the use of proprietary 3-D photo booths. The photo booths produced accurate renderings of participants faces by taking a succession of photos from different angles. Using these renderings, the faces were reproduced on a grand scale by 11,000 telescopic cylinders, or actuators, that functioned in a similar fashion as a pin screen, creating the effect of a continually shifting Mt. Rushmore for the digital age.


Being the first large-scale 3-D actuated facade of its kind, the creation recently won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Innovation.

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