The First Ever Music Video With Infinite Possibilities

pandoras2 If you liked the video for the dance-y “Pandora’s Box” by French group Isaac Delusion and enjoyed how the collection of archive film footage matched the beats or lyrical themes of the song,  you may not want to watch it again — it will never be the same. pandoras1   That’s because Studio Clée designed the music video to be different every single time, thanks to the innovative use of 600 stock footage clips taken from a public domain database. The creators went through each clip, chopping and matching each one to specific parts of the song, filtering them into different categories to be assigned randomly upon each watch.The end result is a unique experience that offers a fresh new audio-visual pairing each time. Visit Infinite Pandora’s Box to see for yourself — and if you like the video you see on the first go-round, it doesn’t have to be gone forever; the site offers you the opportunity to ‘save’ your unique video by sharing it through social media.

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