Blood Orange’s New Video is a Love Letter to Daytime Television


In the new video for Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough,” there is a lot of 80’s behavior on display. All-white outfits? Check. Choreographed dance routines? Check. Throw in the slinky, synth-washed and funky bass-driven rhythm of the song itself and you can be forgiven for concluding that Dev Hynes and director Gia Coppola are working from a place of total irony.

But the thing is: that silly, dramatic way Hynes dances? That’s just how he likes to move. The outfits, staging and choreography? All part of a world he loves. And even as he wanders across the empty set, tossing roses to-and-fro, stopping for a moment to sing into one like a microphone, look closely and you’ll see a man for whom this behavior comes naturally, perhaps after years spent dancing in front of the television set in imitation of his favorite performers as they take the stage for a very special daytime performance. Don’t you see the seats are empty in the studio? It’s because he’s doing it for himself.

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