Zero Gravity Cocktail Project Brings Martinis Into Space

Images: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

Images: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

The Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, a “space concept, design, and branding company,” is dedicated to promoting the concept of space tourism as a fast-approaching reality. Their first course of action? Well, a drink would be nice.


Their Zero Gravity Cocktail Project brings together a mixologist, a special effects designer, and a roboticist/toy designer to create the first cocktail ever made and served in a zero gravity environment. To accomplish this, the team will utilize a mechanized “Drinkbot” which can mix liquids in weightlessness, and a 3-D printed Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass. Co-founder Russell Davis explains that the project came about because the team “recognizes that there is a need for the ‘space tourists’ to have practical applications in zero gravity that are based upon enjoyment AND functionality. We plan on filling that niche, with the first being the cocktail, the vessel, and the ability to mix in space.”

[Via Laughing Squid]

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