Kitchen Gadgets That Don’t Look Like ‘Gadgets’

Images: THINGK

Images: THINGK

When it comes to tech-y gear compared with more traditionally functional equipment, there is usually a gap separating the two, as if the new-and-improved needs to look like it belongs in someone’s image of a sci-fi future world. The thing is, in a different kind of future world, such as the one depicted in Spike Jonze’s recent Her, the landscape doesn’t look much different from the one we know; it’s just, you know, further in the future. What this means is objects are still objects, but perhaps with an added level of functionality that manages to feel natural, organic.


The kitchen gadgets produced by Italian design studio THINGK are built in the same mold of seamless integration. There’s the CLOGK, which functions as both a digital clock and timer while looking like a wooden paperweight, and the GKILO, a wood cutting board that blinks to life as either a clock or a kitchen scale; digital and analog, in perfect harmony.

[Via Wired]

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