Weighted Piggy Bank

Image: Véronique Huygue

Images: Véronique Huygue

If you have someplace you throw your spare change every day, you know that optimistic guessing game you play when it comes time to cash it all in. Will it be 50 bucks? A hundred? A bucket I kept in my room once exceeded my wildest expectations by yielding over $600 in change (that was a very strenuous walk to the bank, trust me).


The Piggy Bank, created by Selma Durand as her Master’s Project, is designed to hold far less than that, certainly. Its weighted design takes the guesswork out of collecting your spare change into more usable amounts. As the coins stack up, the brass bowl slowly dips down — when the bowl is flush with the ceramic edge, you have the equivalent of a euro. Not as useful for the U.S. in comparing against paper money, but a smart concept, nonetheless.

[Via Core 77]

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