Best Made Company Axes and Other Goods


Image: Best Made Company

Image: Best Made Company

It may seem a bit boastful to call yourself Best Made, but it also presents a nice challenge from the start; and it seems former graphic designer Peter Buchanan-Smith’s company built on the strength of visually-striking axes crafted in Maine, finished in Tribeca and sold out of his storefront on White Street is living up to the promise of its namesake.


While Best Made’s axes and other goods are aesthetically-pleasing with bright color accents and features like fine bridle leather sheaths, these are objects designed to be used, not left on display. Consider a recent Instagram from Frankies Spuntino in Brooklyn in which Lee Tiernan, head chef of East London’s St. John Bread and Wine (watch him eat, drink and moonwalk in this Vice Munchies clip), is shown delivering a Best Made ax  to Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese. Comments on that post from other major chefs (from Joe Beef and Parts and Labor) indicate Tiernan makes a habit of these gifts. And, why not? You can always trust a chef to appreciate some fine handiwork and a useful tool.


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