The Scentee Makes Smell-O-Vision a Reality

Image: Scentee

Image: Scentee

Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz, the restaurant in Spain bearing three Michelin stars, is working with a London professor and a Japanese tech company to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to smell his food through the phone.

The mobile gadget/app that will make this possible is the Scentee. It works by attaching a small device ($35) to your smartphone which diffuses a scent from fragrance cartridges ($5) with the use of their app (free for download). Chef Aduriz is working with City University London professor Adrian Cheok to develop signature Mugaritz scents for the Scentee, allowing everyone a chance to engage their olfactory senses without booking a ticket to Spain.

From the press release:

Professor Cheok says the new device will be revolutionary:

“The Digital Food app opens up new vistas for people around the world who may not have had the opportunity to physically dine in the restaurant to virtually experience the real smell of gourmet food prepared by one of the world’s top restaurants and chefs. The revolutionary new device brings the sense of smell to mobile phone communications.”

[Via Eater]


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