Beyond Cotton: Outlier’s Air Forged Oxford


Outlier has made a name for themselves as a company that doesn’t simply settle for what’s available.

Garments like their OG Pant sprung on us a bunch of future-sounding terms — 4Season fabric, Doubleweave structure, NanoSphere® treatment — but the trick was turning all that tech-talk into modern, wearable clothing that was simply better than anything else around; business-appropriate pants that you could wear cycling or hiking, comfortable fabric that protected from drips and spills. And with the creation of the Air Forged Oxford, Outlier has another instant classic on their hands.


Respecting the traditional use and familiar feel of cotton in an oxford shirt while also recognizing its drawbacks — it absorbs too much moisture, it stains, it wrinkles, it eventually falls apart — Outlier set out to make something new. Here again with the tech-speak: air texturized supplex fibers, Nano-Tex® treatments, 100D fibers, 250D fibers. Don’t worry about understanding all that. What it boils down to is they’ve created a breathable, UV-resistant fabric that’s blasted with air (hence, “air forged”) to create something that’s strong as nylon but soft as well-worn cotton, and they’ve made a very nice shirt out of it. Simple.



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