Coffee and Formula 1 cars, two things that make you go fast, have been combined by designers at Arte Meccanica into a covetable, functional objet d’art: the Espresso Veloce.

V12-espresso-machine-references-grand-prix-engines-designboom-01V12-espresso-machine-references-grand-prix-engines-designboom-05timthumbV12-espresso-machine-references-grand-prix-engines-designboom-06 V12-espresso-machine-references-grand-prix-engines-designboom-07

Built as half-scale tributes to the engines that power the Grand Prix, from the lightweight and efficient V8 to the balanced and powerful V12, the machines come equipped with an ‘oil reservoir’ at the top of the engine block, used to pump grappa into the brew. If you’re crazy about Formula 1 racing and Italian coffee, act quickly; only 500 units currently exist.

[Via designboom]
[Images: Arte Meccanica]

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