tmagazine_year in people

tmagazine_year in people

The NY Times’ T Magazine collects fifteen profiles from 2013 featuring the creative and innovative forces at work in all fields, from media and entertainment to politics and activism. Click through to a few of the highlights below and see the whole selection at T Magazine.

  • In Conversation | Perry Chen and Theaster Gates on Community-Driven Creativity

    “It was as if I had started out with, “I want to do something good,” and then just came up with Kickstarter. And that’s not true. I was just scratching my own itch. I wanted something like this to exist in the world, and I thought other people would, too. I wasn’t calibrating how much good it was going to do.”

    Kickstarter co-founder Chen and Chicago artist/urban planner Gates discuss how putting creativity first can spur social change.

  • Kids These Days

    Vinod Khosla, another venture capitalist, goes further. “People under 35 are the people who make change happen,” he said at an international conference. “People over 45 basically die in terms of new ideas.”

    Andrew Ross Sorkin pens the foreword to a look at the new crop of under-30s currently making their mark, from the multimillionaire publisher of The New Republic to the 25-year-old songwriter/producer responsible for “Teenage Dream” and “Moves Like Jagger.”

  • Listen Up – Three Indie Frontwomen Who Are Leading the Pack

    A trio of female-fronted bands are not so quietly making some of indie rock’s most innovative music.

    Raphaelle Standell-Preston of Braids, Izzy Almeida  of Hunters and Carmen Elle of Diana.

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