A Simple (and Simp-SON) Concept Done Right


    This is just perfect. In loving homage to TV’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons, a couple Russian designers have produced some really great looking bottles of wine.   By taking cues from the grid-designs of painter Piet Mondrian, they’ve created a simple and clean pop art homage to Homer […]

Old German Brewery Converted into World’s First and Only Light Art Museum

Images: Centre for International Light Art Unna

The Creator’s Project takes us on a walkthrough of The Centre for International Light Art, the only museum in the world dedicated to light art. What is light art, exactly? The Centre describes it as “the art genre in which light is used as a basic material.” This includes the work of […]

Why the Sound Quality of Your Music Is Awful (and You Don’t Even Realize It)


In “The Distortion of Sound,” a short documentary produced by audio company Harman, a collection of producers/engineers and musicians ranging from film composer Hans Zimmer to Snoop Dogg take us through a brief history of how we listen to music and what we’ve lost in the age of digital compression. The clip […]

Trippy Turtle Video a Throwback to 90s Flash Games


DJ/Producer Trippy Turtle’s debut single “Trippy’s Theme” has an official music video that hearkens back to the early days of Japanese-leaning online flash games — the type collected under the wide banner of animation/gaming portals like Newgrounds. If you’re a child born of a certain era, you’ll know exactly what […]

A Very Different Type of World Cup


Well, this is something new. It turns out that the infuriating childhood game of ‘get the little ball-on-a-string into the little wooden cup’ is known as ‘kendama.’ In addition, there exists a dedicated community of kendama players united by a group known as the Global Kendama Network, or GLOKEN. And […]

A Sultry Queen of the Damned: FKA Twigs in “Two Weeks”


  In the above video for “Two Weeks,”  the London-based FKA Twigs levels a serene eye straight at the camera. From her position of power, flanked by a devoted troop of mesmerizing miniature dancers, she is poised, regal, otherworldly; equal parts Egyptian goddess, Daenerys in Game of Thrones, and Aaliyah, Queen of the […]

The Wokamon — Work Out Or They’ll Die!


Need some extra motivation to meet your fitness goals? How about making it a life-or-death proposition? The Wokamon app is essentially a Fuelband combined with a Tamagotchi, saddling you with the responsibility of caring for, feeding, and nurturing a little alien/monster creature. And because your pet’s growth and development is […]

Man vs. (Drum) Machine: Jojo Mayer in “Between Zero and One”


“If we surrender the things that separate us from machines, we will be replaced by machines. And the more advanced the machines will be, the more human we will have to become.” As drummer Jojo Mayer explains in this engrossing short, when he came to New York, it was with […]

The Japanese Plant Whisperer of the LES

Image: Filson

When you walk past the Filson store open on Great Jones, you’re initially drawn to the front window, filled with lush greenery. Go inside and you’ll find yourself facing a full backdrop of plant life; a living, breathing microcosm of a world in which Filson’s line of timeless, rugged products […]