This brilliant design by Torafu Architects dubbed “water balloon” brings new life to an old invention. The aptly named pieces mimic the look of oblong shaped water balloons frozen mid-fill. To achieve this unique display, each bulb is back lit by an LED. The light then diffuses through air bubbles in the recycled glass, giving them a cool, kinetic look. While they may appear to be full of refreshing water, we wouldn’t recommend tossing them at a friend.

The bulbs were made as a part of 9lass, a collaborative project pairing glass makers with designers, and were on display at the IFFT interior design show in Tokyo.

waterballon_01_satoshi_asakawa-600x400 waterballon_03_satoshi_asakawa-600x400

[via Spoon & Tamago]
[Images: Satoshi Asakawa]

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