stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-1 (1)

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-1 (1)

Legend, The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story — all of these movies were set in worlds that inspired whimsy and wonder. The set, costumes and props were crafted by hand. As the available technology improved, CGI and photo manipulation became the more affordable (not to mention less time-consuming) option.

Korean artist Jee Young Lee recognized the charm and level of immersion a handmade set can offer. She transformed her tiny studio into a staging ground for dreams, memories, as well as traditional Korean folk tales and legends. She photographed herself interacting with these scenarios, and the resulting images are magical.

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-2 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-3 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-4 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-5 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-6 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-7 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-8 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-9 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-10 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-11 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-12 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-13 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-14 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-15 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-16

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